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Good fences make good neighbors

So Saturday the fence company called letting us know they would be out Monday. They took all day Monday and about 4 hours on Tuesday to finally put up the fence. In true Roosevelt fashion one person's project becomes everyone's project, so while they were at the house 5 people stopped to ask them about putting up fences in thier yards.

Now my neighbor came home while 6 of us were standing around in the yard yesterday and waved, but he didn't say anything about the fence. Seriously, what could he say? I even gave him an extra inch or two by changing the angle of the fence so I only cut one of his plants in half. He was stupid to plant that thing there last year anyway, he knew that it was close to or on the properly line.. turns out it's 3/4 on my side, so now I have half a bush.

Lucy is so funny, she stands on the inside of the post and rail which has no gates on it and won't come to the other side unless you call her. It's crazy that she understands the point of the fence without it actually being enclosed yet. Sammy on the other hand, well, he's Sammy.

On the wedding front, we got the quote from the caterer and we're already thinking of making changes. For some reason we had stuffed cabbage on there, which is really a winter food. So is roasted potatoes but Chris insists they need to be on the menu, I think there should be something more "summery" as a starch, not roasted potatoes.

We are meeting at the venue with the wedding planner and the caterer on Tuesday.

I will post pictures of the fence as soon as I take some. I took some before photos too, so I'll probably post them in my yard photos library. The yard is coming along quite nicely, the fence really makes a huge difference. We do still have to do the back and attached side with split-rail, so that will be a project for later this spring.
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