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Weddings suck

Wow it's been a month since Ive posted.

Hmm.. Mother's day sucked, I had to go to a Baptism as did my daughter, so I didn't get to see my daughter or my mom on Mother's day so needless to say I was a nudge all day.

We've made a decision on the relationship front. We are starting to plan the wedding. What we are going to do is to figure out exactly what we want, the wheres, the whens, the whos, etc. and come up with a preliminary budget of what it would cost. Then we will begin to save towards that total. Once we reach the half-way point of having the money, we will start to really plan it, pick a date and put down deposits.

So we are trying to decide what we want.. Good thing we have a year or two to decide because it's not the easiest thing in the world.

We know we don't want fancy or fluffy or anything. We want esentially one step up from a family BBQ. Outside, tents, buffet style, casual, lots of kids running around. A friend of ours went to a wedding in a park, and they had an ice cream truck and the people were playing football in thier nice clothes in the field and thats pretty much what we want. Fun and casual.

So I looked at parks and made some calls. It seems most parks don't allow alcohol, which puts a big damper on things. So I was looking at ourdoor wedding venues in the area and I found the Manor Lakes House in Princeton. It's really nice, we snuck out of work yesterday to go take a look because its like 4 miles from the office. Here are some photos of the place, Mitzi and I loved it!! You get the house and the grounds for the day for a very reasonable price.. Well, there was a price on one wedding site, so I have to call today to confirm. We're also going this weekend to Silver Decoy Winery to check out thier site too.

There are so many stupid things to consider.. We really want outside, but the weather thing makes me nervous, so we're kinda hoping for a place with a plan b, which is why I like the Manor House.

As it sits now we can't seem to even get below 150 people. I was at 130, but now we're up past 160 and we haven't even mentioned it to his family yet. This is why I want to run away. Screw having a wedding. Grr.
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