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ARG stupid weather

What did you do with your Sunday afternoon? We hung with various neighbors and lamented over our drainage problems. We have a lake in our back yard, well now it's just a mud-pie, as do Bill & Gabi, and Danny has 3" of water in his basement.. HAHA sucker, we don't have a basement. Ok, but we have a leaking roof.

Saturday though we did continue with some momentum in the back yard. We cleaned out the drainage ditch that runs along the back yard. It's really deep on the left side of the property and gets shallower as it run across, eventually to a almost non-existant bump on the right side. We had started to throw all the tree debris in the ditch, and then it got out of hand when they were just dumping whole trees in there and it looked like a tree graveyard. So I made up my mind to clean out the debris and drag it back behind the property line. We got all of the deep part of the ditch cleaned out, but unfotunately on the shallower side, Chris had used a backhoe to move some of the stuff into the ditch, so its branches and trees tangled together and covered with dirt, making it impossible to move some of the stuff out without bringing in the backhoe again. We did get a lot accomplished back there though. I then raked up all the leaves and sticks and pricky balls (aka: monkey balls). I burned a good portion of them, and put some of them into the deep part of the ditch. I figured leaves would just turn to dirt eventually anyway or get washed away.. Unlike whole trees.

Here's a version of the survey that I did in visio.. We still need to cut down a few more trees to put the fence in.

Now if only it would stop being too cold or wet to paint, we can finally finish up another phase on the garage.. ARGH.
Tags: flood, house, projects, yard
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