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Must maintain momentum

So, the plan for this weekend was to begin on our list. Paint the garage was #1 on the list of things to do.

Danny called and said he wanted to come over and chop up our graveyard of fallen trees which we cut down last summer. If memory serves me, there were 9, many of which we dragged into the woods and left there. Chris had to go help his dad move stuff out of Grandma's house, which left me home by myself with Danny coming over. We Dan brought the wife and kids, wife who I don't always get along with, and kids she just assumed for some reason that I'd watch.

Now Lucy doesn't like little kids, she doesn't understand them and they aren't bright enough to catch on that if you run away, she thinks you want to play and therefore chases you and smacks you into the dirt. She also growls and occasionally nips at them. This means that the dogs have to be locked up in the crate on a beautiful day because her kids were running around my backyard all day. Very stressful for me. But anyway.. Danny not only cut up about 6 trees in the back, but he cut down an additional 5 trees for me. The two dead ones that I see from my bedroom window every morning when I wake up, which I hate. As well as a grouping of 3 smaller ones. Why the people that lived here 40 years ago didn't say "Hey, we should cut these small trees down while they are small to prevent them from strangling the surrounding mature trees and destroying our roof and lawns" so we didn't have to cut down monsters in 2007 was beyond me.

Here's a Gallery of my yard's progress for anyone that cares to see...

We found so much trash back there it's unbelievable.. A bed frame, a TV antennae, shoes, belts, enough Christmas lights to recreate National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Not to mention just regular garbage like bottles and cans, etc. The last owners must have been using the woods as a dump. Lovely.

So that took from 9am to about 4pm. Then we went to home depot to get the paint for the garage, at $103.00 per 5 gallon pail plus $15.00 for the non-mold additive. We got some Behr Basement & Masonry Waterproofing Paint, the equivalent to Drylock Waterproofer. The guy at Home Depot said the Behr was better and he had complaints of the Drylock peeling after a while. I take that with a grain of salt since Behr is like a Home Depot product.

So very early Sunday morning we went outside and painted the garage. I still can't seem to drive home the point that it has to go on THICK and cover all the cracks and crevices and pinholes in the concrete block. You really have to slop that stuff up on the wall to get a good coating. Luckily he decided to cut in the one wall so I actually managed to get a good application on that wall. Then we gave a second coat to the shared wall, then we took a break. It was pulling teeth to get him motivated again, but we did manage to get out there and get the back wall done and a second coat on the interior wall. We were done by like 1ish, so we took a trip to home depot to look at a new door and windows for the garage. Then we drove by Billy's, because he had rented a Man Lift as he was cutting down MONSTROUS trees. So we helped there for a while as he took down two huge trees that were right next to his house. They had to go to a family function, so they said they would drive the lift down the road for us to use for the rest of the night. Chris wasn't nearly as thrilled as I was by this. So Billy drove it down the road, which was a sight to see, I was cackling the whole way home. So Chris got in it and using Andy's borrowed pole-saw cut off some branches on the two huge trees in the middle of our yard.

Later that night Danny came back over and helped us measure out the rough openings for our new door and window, so we'll be headed back to home depot to order them.

Next on the list to complete, paint the ceiling with our sealer paint and re-route the dryer vent.

Oh, I took some pictures of the garage when only one wall was painted and nothing else was done yet. This way I can have some before and after pics for the garage.
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