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I got a nudge!

Ok so I haven't been posting.. Posted in January, so that gives me two months to summarize?

God I don't even know what I did in the last two months..

The prodigal son is returning for a visit at the end of this month, so we may get drunk and burn things in the back yard on the 31st, which should be fun, with or without him.

We got a puppy, a beagle mix named Samson. He's getting the housetraining thing down pretty good after a week, he actually scratched at the kitchen door twice to go outside and do his thing, which I think is a great sign. Lucy loves him too, they play very nice together.

We started our project list for the summer.

  1. Finish Garage Project

    1. Clean walls

    2. Paint walls with Dry-Lock paint

    3. Seal cracks in walls and ceiling

    4. Paint ceiling with dry-lock

    5. Finish stripping and sealing Garage doors

    6. Put up firring strips

    7. Re-route dryer vent

    8. Replace back door and back windows

    9. Popcorn the ceiling (HIS IDEA!)

    10. Have John come in to run new electrical outlets and baseboard heat

    11. Install vapor barrier

    12. Install Wall Planking

    13. Install new lighting fixtures

    14. Move all his crap in, yay!

  2. Finish tree removal in the back yard

  3. Remove a few more trees

  4. Organize Shed

  5. Build shelf/window box in den

  6. Tear up old concrete slab and put in paver patio (may also include pouring new backyard patio and front walkway

  7. Create planting bed along driveway

  8. Paint boulder with house number for front corner of the yard

  9. Patch Drywall and paint Corrine's room

  10. Split-rail fencing around entire yard

  11. Install wire mesh along inside of fence to keep the dogs in

  12. Grade back yard

  13. Install French doors and doggie door in spare bedroom (may wait till 08)

  14. Reseed/fertizilze lawn (may wait till 08)

  15. Remove kitchen wall (Already called contractor on that one)

  16. Replace kitchen, living room and hallway flooring

  17. Replace soon-to-be Sunroom flooring (spare bedroom) with tile

We started painting the garage walls with drylock, but it sucked up two gallons on one wall, so we have to go back out and buy the big 5 gallon buckets, which are like $100 a pop. We were going good until the snow came, and now its kind of hard to do anything outside.

Because of the snow, our outside list of things to do went back on hold. Instead this weekend I went tearing through the spare room again (after he trashed it for the second time) and organized it all yet again. I did managed to get rid of 4 huge cardboard boxes worth of garbage. Then I had to pack up all the hunting stuff for the summer, so I washed it all in that "deer happy scent free" soap that I bought at Harry's, and while doing so I pondered the existance of hunter friendly dryer sheets. So after I started the laundry we went to the evil store and bought some of the vaccuum bags that you suck the air out of. We got enough for all the hunting stuff plus some blankets and comforters, which of course inspired me to organize our linen closet, which looks very neat now. I then went online and found these...

"This really smells like fresh dirt from the forest floor..." says one reviewer!

Wow, dryer sheets that smell just like dirt. Who knew! (I'm being a bit saracastic here in case you couldn't tell.) So of course I ordered them so I can pack one in each of the vaccuum bags over the summer and have some for the washing of the hunting clothes next spring.

So I managed to be productive despite the nasty weather. I still need to clean out our bedroom closet, Corrine's room needs to be purged, and the den really needs to be organized better. It's very cluttered in there and I hate it. Once the spare bedroom is turned into a sun-room of sorts, I plan on putting the dog crates in there, hense the doggie door.

I know there are other things on the list that I didn't remember from the list we sat down and wrote out, and some of the other projects may have to wait until next summer too. BUT we have a plan now, so I feel good about accomplishing things this spring/summer. Now if you could only give us back our 70 degree weather please I can finish drylocking the garage.

On the work front, I love my job. I code HTML all day for rich emails, maintain the email list, and get to do some light design work too, its right up my alley and I love it. They are already discussing making me full time by the end of April so they can send me to San Fransico for a convention. Full time would be the icing on the cake at this point. They are talking about putting me in charge of the global web project, which means lots of international travel in the first year or so, which would be cool. I would rather go for fun with Chris & Corrine, but if someone wants to foot the bill to Germany for me for 4 days, who am I to argue that?

Things are good on the relationship front, he cooks dinner every night and takes out the garbage, we have a joint checking account now for household bills.

Oh ya know we went on a cruise in January, and I totally glossed over that. We had a lot of fun, don't know if I'd cruise again though, but I'd defintely vacation with the two couples we went with. They really were what made the trip a good time. Here's some pictures from our cruise .. We had some professional ones done while onboard too. One day I'll get around to scanning them because my mom is hounding me for them.

I guess that's the story for now. I'll try to post some pictures of the garage in it's current state so I have a record of the progress going forward.
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