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An Apple a Day

My daughter decides she wants a laptop for christmas. Now, I love my child but I'm not spending $700 on a laptop for her to spill juice on it and fry the damn thing. Then it's just one more PC for me to have to play tech support for.. and I hate playing tech support.

A friend of mine suggests Retrobox.com, cheap refurbed computers, never had a problem with them, etc. Good idea. So I go, I look, and I find a g3 ibook for $250.00. SOLD. So much rather purchase and Apple.

A week later it shows up and my isn't it pretty. So I call up Apple, explain the situation and ask how I can get an OS for my lovely little laptop. Give them the serial #, and they order me the replacement power supply and install disks.

Two days later the power supply shows up with no plug thing.. Grr.. Call them back, another $10 later I have the plug.

Then I order some Ice Creme, polish for white ibooks and polish the shit out of it to make it look nice for my little one.

Two weeks goes by, no software. So I call Apple, explain the situation, the next day I get a call back, an appology and a tracking number.

Woohoo. So here we are, three weeks before xmas, I plug in the ibook, put in the CD, and whirrrr here comes the install screen. I get to the point where it asks me what drive I want to install it on and low and behold there is no drive listed.. So I call Apple Care. The guy on the phone walks me through some stuff and tells me that the hard drive must be dead. Can he order me one? No. Ok, so I call the company I bought it from and leave many nasty messages unable to get through to a real person. Then I go and order another harddrive. Finally get through to the company, who tells me send back the harddrive I ordered, they are shipping me a replacement.

I get my purchased harddrive and decide to install it anyway.. Download the 20+ page book on how to do this, sit down and begin. I take out about 7 screws when I flip it over to find the middle torq screw is completely stripped.. I try pliers but it makes it worse..

So here I am, less than two weeks from Christmas with a broken laptop in pieces on my kitchen table that I've been wrestling with since OCTOBER. At my wits end, I go to the Concierge site, make an appointment at the Genius bar, pack up my pieces and go to the Freehold Raceway Mall.

I show the guy my problem.
"We'd normally ask you to put it back together, but.."
"We understand the problem, we can't fix it here, we need to send it out.."
"It could take 7-10 days to come back to you, it may not be back until after Christmas."
"There's a $292 charge to fix it.."

JUST FIX IT. I leave the nice man with my ibook and leave, stressed out totally now because I just dropped $300 I didn't have and I still may not make it back by Christmas. Every now and again I say to myself "I should have just spend $600 on a Dell Laptop..."

Saturday I call tech support.. "Your computer is at the apple store waiting to be shipped to the depot.."
Monday I call tech support... "Your computer is at the apple store waiting to be shipped to the depot.."
So after that I call the store..

"Oh, didn't you get my message?"
"Umm. no."
"Oh, well I put your computer back together, and tried to install Jaguar on it (Mind you apple care sent me 10.0.0) and I ran the disk utility and formatted the hard drive and it installed just fine. It's up and running."
"Yeah, the airport card isn't being recognized, but I'll take a look at that too."
"REALLY?!?!? I can come pick it up?!?! It works?!!?!"
"Yeah sure, give me a little to look at your airport card and you can come get it."

So I'm like beside myself now. I go the next day to get it, and he even replaced the missing rubber feet on the bottom.. installed Jaguar, ran diagnostics on the harddrive, and reseated and set up the airport card.. the whole thing purrs well like a Jaguar..

So I take it from him and he smiles, "Oh, let me call the depot and have them reverse the charges on your card, because we didnt sent it out there will be no charge.. Youre $300 is best spend somewhere else than fixing this old thing I'm sure."

So I buy a screwed up old ibook from somewhere on the web, I take it apart, into pieces, drop it off at the store and they fix it, replace parts, upgrade the OS and hand it back with a smile FOR FREE. FOR FREE.

I love Apple.
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