njlirpy (njlirpy) wrote,

Monday on my way home I went shopping. For some reason I thought I'd make stuffed cabbage. Well, by the time I faught my way through Acme, and traffic to home, I really didn't want to do anything.. So I started to make them, and then gave up, some betty crocker chicken pot pie in a box.

So Tuesday I took a half day to get the child prepared for trick or treating. I figured I'd have the time to attempt this recipe again.

Now, we were at his mother's over the summer and his sister in law called for his mom's recipe, which is how I know he likes stuffed cabbage. I'm Irish and Polish, I should be able to handle some cabbage, right? And of course the straw on Monday that broke my back was "Why are you using that?" "My mom doesn't make it that way.." ARGGH. So it went in the trash on Tuesday.

I got a new recipe for Slovak Style Stuffed Cabbage. 3 hours later it was done, but we didnt have time to eat because we had to go direct traffic for the trick or treaters. (There's a whole FD/FA turf war thing that happened, I'll try to post about it later). So at 9 we come home and heat up my VERY FIRST attempt at anything cabbage. I was freaking out because I hate trying to cook for him because I always feel like I'm not good enough.. but I'm working on that. Chief came over for dinner too. They both LOVED it. Rave compliments, and a lot of "Wow, I've never had it like this before, but it's awesome!" and they both even brought some to work the next day for lunch.

So I survived my first attempt at cooking cabbage.

The whole cooking thing is so stressful for me.. It was so much easier when Corrine told me "Wow Mama, you make the best hot dogs in the whole world!" and Betty Crocker Chicken in a Box was "AWESOME". Now I have to content with the momma's boy / used to cook for a living combination, and when you're NOT a cook, and you make an attempt to be domestic and be the good little wifeypoo who has dinner on the table.. well.. its hard to live up to expectations sometimes, especially when those expectations are yours to begin with.
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