njlirpy (njlirpy) wrote,

Life continues...

Things are quiet and calm. This weekend was productive. Corrine and I helped run the 6th Grade Trip Fundraiser of Mums and Baked Good sale, that is after Thursday night her and two of her friends helped me make homemade chocolate dragon lollipops, the dragon is the school mascot.

After that Dada picked her up, and Chris and I went to Barnegat to pick up our garage doors, then to home depot to buy a ceiling fan and light fixture for the man room and a new light for the kitchen. Then his cousin got sick and could not go with him to the Jets game on Sunday, so he sat next to me on the couch and made like 10 phone calls to beg people to go with him.. I sat there sullenly thinking, how far down on the list does he have to go to ask ME? Which he did eventually, my response was "Well I wanted to go until I realized how far down on the list I was.." We don't fight, we don't even argue. Somewhere along the line I forgot how, and now I do this mature and calm discussion of my feelings thing.. I understand that 9 months of dating does not change someone easily who has been single for like 5 years, the gear shift from thinking in "me" mode to "us" mode doesn't come that easily to some.. Anyway, we got through it calmly, rationally, and maturely, and then went to light shit on fire in the back yard and get drunk with neighbors. :)

Sunday I did end up going to the game and had a really good time actually. Thank you Dad for teaching me the rules of football when I was a kid so that I can follow the game. Being in the 11th row helped too, because I could actually see the lines on the field to know a first down when I saw one.

The Jets won, which was an added bonus so everyone went home in a good mood.

I will have to post pictures of the new doors. They will take much work to get the paint stripped, wood fixed, and stain them and hang them, but it will be a work of love and I'm sure they will look awesome in the end. :)

I'm still not allowed to have a wedding at the head, and I say it only because it came up in conversation again yesterday, so I calmly said "Fine, if we ever get to that point, I'll settle on whatever you want to do." Which is a total double edged thing to say, but I was tired and didn't feel like getting into it.
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