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Here is a picture of the backyard when I first bought the house, April 2004. This is the edge of the property line on the right side of the house. Backyard 2004.

Then, we removed four or five trees from this area, all of which were dead. One they said was almost petrified it was such a pain to cut down. There's also a picture of my Lu Face sniffing around. Backyard 2006

Here we have the center of the backyard, the two large trees which were being slowly suffocated by poison ivy. Center of yard 2004

Chris killed the poison ivy in the fall, I think we took out another 2 or three trees behind these two as well. Center of Yard 2006. It's a closer shot than the inital one, but we cleaned out a lot behind it, and you can see all the dead poison ivy hanging from the tree in this one. Here's another recent shot of that area too, Center of Yard 2, 2006

Finally, here is the left side of the yard in 2004 Left of Yard 2004.

I cut down many prickly bushes in this corner, there was a big difference in the amount of shit in that corner from April 2004 to October 2006 that you really can't see.. I should have taken some before shots this year I guess.

Anyway, here's that corner now with our lovely new shed! Photo of left corner.

You can see we cut down a bunch of trees, I think 4 from this corner between 04 and 06 and made the yard considerably bigger before putting the shed in.

Here's another photo of the shed.

I will have to take some pictures of the inside of the garage too before we start renovating that.
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