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So Tuesday I went to Target b/c the $20 in my daughter's purse was burning a hole, we HAD to have Bratz Babies, which I personally think look like fodder for a Jerry Springer show. After that we went grocery shopping, where I had printed out some coupons from the internet, and printed out my shopping list in excel. I did this only because if I think of dinners to make for the week, then shop, then for the rest of the week I already kind of know what to make for dinner. If I do this any other way, then I'm usually at a loss and end up not cooking at all. So at 7:30 I returned home, and began boiling water for pasta, heating up sauce and grilling chicken simotaneously putting away groceries and answering a ton of questions, while thinking to myself "the laundry in the drier needs to be folded". So after my illustrious boyfriend asked where each item went while attempting to help put away groceries, then dragged me into the spare room to show off the two boxes he unloaded (pat pat, here's your treat), finally completeing dinner, folding the laundry (hes snoring on the couch) and getting the rest of the groceries away, I was FINALLY able to sit down at about 8:30PM. At which point, he woke up to eat dinner.

Now this is my reason behind posting.. He's a picky eater, but not in the normal sense. He'll eat pasta and italian and pizza and hamburgers and hot dogs and sausage and some fish, but a. he puts ketchup on EVERYTHING and b. he won't go near anything new. That and for a few years he was a cook over at Rossi's (a very good one at that) so I have to admit I'm slightly intimidated to be cooking for him.

So, I had cut up some fresh zuchini, sauteed it, grilled some marinated chicken, cut it up, boiled some farfalle and then dumped it all together with some pasta sauce in a bowl. This was Tuesday. Mikey liked it, he even took it to lunch on Wednesday.

Wednesday, I came home from work, high heels and all, and began cutting up red potatoes in a foil packet and seasoning them when John came over. John and Chris sat down at the kitchen table to chat while I ran back and forth, cooking, throwing things on the grill, checking the grill, wiping down counters, etc. (Grilled Marinated pork loin with roasted red potatoes) and finally when it was all done I covered the meat to rest and joined in the conversation. John left about 20 minutes later, we sat down to eat, they both ate it, Corrine loved it, he cleaned his plate so I imagine that's a good thing, and then just as I finished cleaning up after dinner, Kim showed up and stayed until 11 that night.

Yesterday I did not want to be at work all day, so I gave up at 4:30 and went home to try my hand at Chicken Marsala. Have I ever made chicken Marsala before? No, to be honest I don't think I've ever even eaten it before. I was very careful to throw the recipe away so I wasn't obvious about the fact that I had no idea what was going on. Just as I got home, Kelly came to get her daughter, my babysitter, and I said I was going to try to make Chicken Marsala, "Isn't that Chris's dish?" Huh? Apparently he prides himself on Chicken Marsala from when he used to work at Rossi's. Ok the normal intimidation is one thing, but learning this at the last second didn't really help my self-confidence in the kitchen. Well I followed my recipe, I made a few alterations (doubled the sauce, added cornstarch, a few more seasonings), and I have to say when Corrine and I sat down to eat I was impressed with even myself. Corrine loved it, and I thought it was pretty damn good. He wasn't home, so I made him a plate and put it in the fridge.

So he comes home, we're working on wish lists for the Fire Department, he pulls out the plate and the tupperware full of rice and he kinda looks up and says "You made chicken marsala?" "I tried." was my response and I went back into the living room to finish putting away laundry. I came back to sit with him and go over FD stuff and he was like inhaling dinner, haha. "Wow, this is really good." I was very happy to hear that, I was a little worried to be honest.

So of course now the secret it out, apparently I can cook, it doesn't mean I want to or enjoy doing it, but I can sucessfully prepare regular meals for the two of them (both of them picky in different ways) and they will both eat it, and like it.

So as long as I keep adding recipes to my "recipe box" on AllRecipes.com and using that as a basis for my shopping list, pre-planning dinners and the like I guess I should be ok. The pork goes over well (and is so gd easy), Chicken Marsala seems to be a big hit, and my summer chicken pasta concotion from Tuesday also went over well. I'm going to try stuffed Acorn Squash next week, I don't know how that one will go over, they both claim "I don't know if I like squash." but I guess we shall see. I also want to do stuffed peppers.

It has to be like from fridge to plate in 40 minutes, and it can't have any bizarre ingredients in it. I may try to slip in my feta cheese and sun-dried tomato pasta dish (even though they claim they dont like feta) and see how that goes over. That's so awesome the next day too.

It's Friday, 3:00 closing, jeans day, and I don't have to cook tonight. :) Yee-haw. Going to home depot with my mom, I want to build a shelf in the den above the windows, paint it white, and then hang white sheer curtains from the underside of it, I think that would look awesome.
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