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Would you like an A Frame shed, a Quaker Shed, a Hywall Shed or a Mini Barn?

Mini Barns. Hiwall sheds (taller mini barns)

Quaker Sheds

A-Frame Shed.

I think we may end up going with the hiwall. (Top right)
We need to be able to drive the Quad in there and the ride-on mower. Driving these two relatively bulky vehicles into a front door of a regular shed and then manuvering them once inside the shed so that you can drive the other one in there, plus store other various stuff in there could be quite tricky. With the hiwall, you can put a loft in the top to store boxes, which is what I'd like to do.

I'm thinking beige with white trim, to match the house.

Ok, so now we're putting off purchasing the shed until next weekend so we can go out to Lancaster and look at the different types of sheds before purchasing one. That way we can pick our shed, pick our colors, pick our features and hand a check over for half.

2-3 weeks from next weekend puts us at the end of September though. Hmm. Oh well, they'll have to build the man room when it's cold out, during DEER & FOOTBALL SEASON, OH NO! *eg*
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