May 14th, 2008

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So I think I mentioned that we bought a fish tank, or made a 10 gallon goldfish tank into a tropical fish tank, and proceeded to kill every fish that we put in it. That was almost all as of this morning, I went home for lunch and found the last surviving fish dead. I feel horrible.

So Corrine and I are excited to get the tank 'livable' so we can have some fish in it that don't die. So much so that we've been debating buying a larger tank for the living room. I dunno, so we can kill 50 fish instead of just 10. I almost bought one on Mother's Day but figured $200-$300 could be better spent elsewhere.

Sad, because I wanted a 50 gallon tank, I went on craigslist to look and see what was there. A dude 5 miles from me is selling one for $100, and a dude about a half hour from me is selling one for $75. Dude 5 miles from me stopped emailing me for some reason. Dude 20 minutes from me scares me.

Why does he scare me?

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