May 12th, 2008

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So big trash pick-up was a few weeks ago, and Chris decided we needed new patio furniture so he threw ours out. Well, he brought it to the curb and someone took it home with them.

Anyway, we had the chair cushions piled up in the corner and as he went to throw them away he noticed a bird had built a nest between them and there were baby birds in there. For the last two weeks we've seen Mama bird feeding her babies and they opened their eyes and they tweet a lot. So last night and today its been rainy, cold and WINDY. I went home for lunch and noticed the wind had shifted the cushion the nest was on and it was precariously placed on the chair. I put the cushion back and tied a cat-carrier top to the chair to protect the nest from the rain and wind, which leaves plenty of space for Mama to get in there to feed her chicks.

I saw her fly in there before I came back to lunch with a worm or something, so she seems ok with my nest renovations. I just hope I didn't inadvertently mess something up and make Mama mad.
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