May 1st, 2008

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The Flags are up!!

When we got the fence contract it said "We will call the utility companies to come flag the property, a week after the flags are posted the construction will begin." I went home for lunch today and the flags are up, so that means we're getting our fence soon! Yay.

Of course it's not the whole fence, just one side of it, possibly two. We were going split rail around the whole thing until the altercation with the neighbor in which he informed us he wanted a privacy fence and planned on putting one up regardless of what we put up, and how it would look stupid to have two different fences butted up against each other... So I compromised and said I would put up privacy fence along our mutual property line if he paid half.. so only the privacy fence is going up hopefully next week. Since the fence guys are friends of a friend, we're hoping they'll put up the front portion of the split rail as well since we already have the materials at the house.